Who We Are

God is growing us into a family of believers who love Jesus more than anything else and serve each other with grace. We believe everything should be about Jesus, the Savior. We want everyone to know Him. That means ANY kind of person is welcome here and will be loved, regardless of their past or present struggles. We take the Bible seriously, teaching what it says without adding the world’s opinions to it. God’s word is all we need.

LIFE Groups are an essential part of the Christian life at Koinos. They keep you connected with other people who are learning to understand and grow and live according to God’s Word, the Bible. LIFE Group is where you stay plugged in, where you receive and provide some of the essentials of life: acceptance, prayer, guidance, counsel, wisdom, love, support, encouragement, and fellowship. Each LIFE Group is made up of people like you and me, working together to reach our common goal of becoming more like Him. Become a part of a LIFE Group today!.