Here’s a great resource that has come highly recommended for teaching children the Bible.  It’s called What’s In The Bible and comes from the creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer.  But it’s different from Veggie Tales in that it has a much more Jesus-centered and gospel-centered approach.  This could be what many parents and children’s ministry workers have been looking for to assist in teaching children.

I like this approach because there is a ton of curriculum out there that teaches Bible stories without ever making the connection to Jesus and the gospel.  According to Jesus, this the reason every story is in the Bible in the first place.  Children who grow up seeing Jesus in every story have a much fuller grasp of the gospel and more solid foundation upon which to build a God-centered worldview.  So, parents, teachers, I encourage you to use all the resources like this that you can get your hands on.

This video series comes in 13 DVD’s at $15 individually or about $170 for the entire set.  Or you can download each video for $12 each.  You’ll also find a teaching curriculum and VBS material.  Go see all about it here.