Young men, please take 2 hours of your time and read this small booklet, Thoughts for Young Men, by JC Ryle.  Parents, get it and urge your sons to read it.  Actually, your daughters would benefit greatly from it too!

Youth ministers, disciplers, leaders, urge the young men under your care to read it.  They will be impacted by it big time.  (I’m talking teenagers.) Perish the thought that today’s teenagers have nothing to learn from old dead guys.  Have you looked at the condition of teenage culture today…umm…I think they have something to learn from them.  And perish the thought that they cannot read old, stale, preachy books.  After all the Bible is one of those!

The book powerfully shows young men their need to be exhorted by Scripture, to flee from pride and sin, and pursue holiness.  It will compel them to run harder after God.  My son just read and pondered it.  The words he used to describe his reflections brought conviction to this dad’s heart.  It made me want to urge all young men to benefit from it.

Plus, this gem – it will be an introduction to the wonderful pastor, JC Ryle.  He was a tremendous teacher of God’s word who loved God and shepherding people in the church of England of the late 1800’s.  Holiness, by Ryle, is one of the greatest books every written on the topic.  Maybe your young men will end up reading more from him.  That would be huge.

You can read the book free online at this link at Monergism or you can order a copy here.