You will be shaped continually in the upcoming new year and the rest of your life by what you feed your self.  What will shape you?  Your pastors hope you will be shaped more and more by God’s Word.  So we have made plans available to you that we think will greatly help.  We hope this vision for life-long growth as a disciple will become the vision for your life.

Connect-Grow-Serve…  this is how we have learned to say our plan at Koinos for everyone becoming a fully matured disciple of Jesus.  Here’s what we mean by that:

CONNECT with God in private worship and the church in body life.  This will help you…

GROW to know God in the Scriptures, live in accountable relationships, and live the new identity in Jesus.  This will lead you to…

SERVE your family, your church body, your community and the nations.

The Bible calls all believers to pursue after these things with all their heart.  Here are the ways the Bible and our church instructs believers to Connect-Grow-Serve.  Please take some time to evaluate which of these are an active part of your life now and which ones you need to pursue more in the new year.

◊ Personal saving faith     ◊ Corporate worship weekly
◊ Private worship daily    ◊ Commitment to membership and body life

◊ LIFE Group     ◊ One-on-one group     ◊ Next Steps Classes

◊ Family worship                     ◊ Reach your Grace friend
◊ Koinos ministry teams        ◊ Go on a mission trip
◊ Give tithes and offerings

In the upcoming days you will see many opportunities to make progress in these ways.  Your pastors want to ask you to focus on simply taking ONE STEP to the right in the CONNECT-GROW-SERVE continuum.  So what is the one step you should focus on taking now?