God, in His grace gives me wake-up calls from time to time in areas where I’ve been clueless and negligent.  Finances and saving for the future is a good example of this.  Recently God opened my eyes to see how to be a better steward of His resources caring for my wife and giving to others.  And I would like to pass that grace along to you just in case you need wake-up calls too.

Dave Ramsey wrote this great article spelling it out.  He says almost half of those about to retire now have no retirement savings at all!  The average 62 year old has less than $2000 income per month.

This is an area where we need balance (which I hope to post on more in the future).  We should neither seek our joy in a future retirement collecting seashells while neglecting the kingdom nor should we ignore our duty to be good stewards preparing for the future if God gives us the freedom to do so now.  God commands us both to trust Him like the birds of the air for which He provides and be like the ant which stores up for the future.

Godly advisors like Dave Ramsey and Larry Burkett have told us we should save 15% of our income for the future and expect to need 75% of our current income after retirement.  So where are you in preparing faithfully for the future?

Some great places to go for help are Crown Financial Resources at www.crown.org and Dave Ramsey’s ministry at www.daveramsey.com.  And why not speak to one of your pastors at church this weekend about a way to get counsel in this area?