As our friends think through the claims of Christianity there is a very common question they are likely going to ask you.  Literally, this question has come up like 4 times recently in my conversations with friends who are new to the Bible.  As a faithful friend, we should strive to help them think this through and see the Bible and God as they truly are.  Here’s a bit of help on this question.

The Dead Sea Scrolls hold a massive answer to this.  In brief, here’s the idea.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had some kind of evidence to show people that the Bible has remained unchanged all these thousands of years?  The automatic assumption is that no evidence exists and we are left to think the Bible has indeed been changed and is no longer reliable.

Over thousands of years the Bible was copied and translated many times.  Indeed errors did creep into the text, but minor and typographical errors.  As the Bible was being copied over all those years, there was one lone copy sitting unnoticed in a cave, untouched all those thousands of years.  When the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered in the 1940’s the world was suddenly introduced to unmistakable evidence.  When comparing those scrolls to our modern translations, it is clear to see.  The message of the Bible is totally intact.

I personally was unaware of this information for a long part of my life and found it hard to help my friends who struggle with this issue.  Since learning about this I’ve been able to assist many in looking at the matter clearly.  I hope you will do the same!  Or if this question is bothering you, please read on!

Go to this link to read a great, and brief article on the Dead Sea Scrolls.  It’s great to know these things.