The Koinos Pastors and church family are very happy to welcome aboard a new pastor to our church staff.  Chris Early will be the new pastor of worship at Koinos beginning next week.  This gives us all great joy as God continues to provide our every need just as His word promises He will do.  Our hearts are rejoicing.

Chris and Amy have been married for 17 years and have three awesome daughters:  Selah, Aliyah, and Rinnah.  Their family has grown up in the Dayton area and has always called the Miami Valley their home.  Chris’ background is in graphic design.  Amy’s background and training is in voice.  They love the body of Christ and have been humble, faithful servants to the churches where they have belonged.

Please pray for this dear family as they make their transition into a new venture in life along with the Koinos family.  Please also make it a point to get to know them and personally reach out in love to make them know they are now part of our loving church family.  This reminds me how thankful I am to belong to such a loving, caring church family!  Early’s, welcome to the family!