Dads, God made you protectors and providers.  When it’s cold you make sure your family is warm.  When they’re hungry you make sure they have food.  When danger comes to the door you do anything to stop it dead in its tracks.  God gave you testosterone to empower you to work hard and even fight hard when necessary.  God made you men.  Your children (and your wife) need you to be men!  Here’s a huge way you must act like men.

Protect your children from pornography.

Here are 3 steps you can take right now to protect them:  1) eliminate porn and all sexual sin from your life completely, 2) go to the Koinos Men’s Event – Protect The Fort this Saturday and be strengthened, 3) use the guides and helps below to help keep pornography away from your children.

Tim Challies over at has put together a great list of guides and resources to assist parents in this fight.  Get started today!  Learn.  Then take action.  You will need to use your testosterone to stay up late learning and then install the necessary software, apps, etc.  It is not an option to do nothing!  Do something.  Act like men!

Click here to get Tim Challies Porn Free Family Plan.   This plan will be made available for men to pick up Saturday night at our event.  I hope many will put it into use.  My wife and I have used almost all his suggestions at our house.