Jeni and I are very thankful for Mrs. Gessaman, 3rd grade teacher at Troy Christian Schools, for helping impress on our children a love for reading good books. Julia is loving the book sent home from her last day of school, The Little Pilgrim’s Progress.

I interviewed Julia and asked her what she likes about the book. Here are her answers.

“It tells you how to get to heaven in a way a kid can understand.” “And it shows you how even a Christian can disobey and get on the wrong path but God always sends help to direct you back to the right path.” She added that “in the beginning all the people were making fun of Christian for following the path and even Christians who thought he was silly, in the end became a follower herself and got to go to the Celestial City also.”

My next question for Julia was, “Why do you think it is important for you to read good books?” She said, “Good books teach you good lessons which gives you knowledge.”

So, ok, there you have it. Let’s pursue after reading good books and make sure, especially, to guide our children to as well.