Parents who have teenagers, let’s talk… We need to work diligently to engage with our teens in their spiritual growth and fight against the flesh, the world and sin. Here’s a wake up call. SUMMER TIME CAN BE THREE MONTHS OF SPIRITUAL DECLINE! Don’t sit motionless and let that happen on your watch. Here’s a great way to encourage them to grow. A summer class is being offered teaching the believer’s identity in Christ as opposed to all that the world is throwing at us like identity through outward beauty and the perfect figure, cool clothes, money, etc. Encourage you teen to attend Sunday mornings, 9-10am in the youth room. Then, engage them in conversation on the content of the class. Listen to their heart and how they are navigating this issue personally. Offer honest struggles you have had in this area. Talk about the promises of God you have come to treasure in light of this. Read some Scripture together. Pray together ABOUT THESE THINGS!