In my Bible reading this morning I was greatly encouraged by Jesus’ parable of the wheat and the tares (Matthew 13:24-30; 36-43).  The farmer plants wheat in his field but later as he sleeps his enemy secretly plants weeds in it trying to destroy the crop.  When the wheat and weeds grow the servants see the weeds and suggest they go pull them up.  But the farmer is wiser and knows that pulling the weeds now will harm the wheat.  Rather he lets them both grow and at harvest the wheat will do just fine and the weeds will be destroyed. 

The parable is all about the kingdom, right?  But just think about the implications for the believer who is now benefitting from being a child in the kingdom! 

In the parable, Jesus is the true farmer who knows exactly how to protect his wheat / children from Satan’s efforts to destroy them.  And every action He takes is to keep them from being disturbed or uprooted so that they progress to complete maturity and flourish, or as Jesus said it, they will “shine forth as the sun”.  That means today, for every believer, for me…

No matter how Satan tries to destroy me, Jesus will not let him succeed.

Today, I will face Satan’s attempts to harm me but Jesus will stop him.

Jesus will not all me to be uprooted or harmed by Satan’s attacks.

Every action Jesus takes toward me is to make me flourish into completion.

At first it appears the path my good must have all obstacles removed but not so.  Jesus uses them against Satan’s desires for my good instead of my harm.

Jesus knows the best way to make me complete in every way maximizing my ability to bring glory to Him.

I am His child with His care now and will soon be gathered into His very presence forever.

Today, and in eternity I “shine forth as the sun” to His glory and Satan cannot stop me from shining.