I’d like to take this opportunity to give a load of appreciation to our Children’s Ministry Staff at Koinos and to encourage you to become part of it.  Norm Kight, our pastor of Discipleship, and Jozan Harmon, Children’s Ministry Director, have done an outstanding job cultivating an excellent environment for the discipleship of our children.  I am told that nearly one third of Koinos church members serve in some way with our children – WOW!  That’s amazing!

Not only is KidzZone a great place of discipleship, it is also a safe place.  Our staff has provided safety standards and training aimed to insure the highest degree of care is given to take care of our little ones.  Jeff Helstad and our security team do a superb job making sure our hallways are safe during worship services (thanks to some US Military and MMA background there).

As a matter of fact the training is being offered again this Sunday – Reducing the Risk Class – 9am at Grant Street.  This training will help certify you as a Children’s Ministry servant at Koinos. 

In all reality, though, we just encourage everyone at Koinos to go ahead and take the class whether you think you’ll need it or not.  It’s likely that some day you’ll go on a mission trip, serve on the Security Team or serve at Vacation Bible School or work in the nursery.  In any event you’ll already have the class under your belt.

So whether you’re new at Koinos or you’ve been around for years, jump in and help provide faithful service to our children.  Just show up at 9am and you’ll be directed to the class.