This fall our church is doing a church wide study through the Epistle of Ephesians focusing on our new gospel identity, who believers are in Christ.  As our LIFE Groups study together using our study guide there will be many who really crave a way to go deeper.  Please feed that craving.  It is a worthy one.

Here’s a great suggestion for you to go deeper.  Identity Theft was written by ten different ladies among whom are Jen Wilkin, Melissa Kruger, and Trillia Newbell and published by The Gospel Coalition.  Every believer needs to focus hard on this matter.  We are not who we are by our own doing but by Christ’s sufficient work in His atonement.  Our lasting satisfaction will not come by having enough or doing enough to make us feel complete.  Rather, our satisfaction can only come from the One who has enough and has done enough – Jesus.  And that is because HE IS ENOUGH!  And by faith in Him God has given to us all the rich blessings that are in Christ.

Here are the chapter topics that I hope will urge you to go get the book today.  Grab a friend or two and do a weekly coffee date to work through the book together.  Check these out.

Chapter 1 Jen Wilkin—Free: Rescued by Grace

Chapter 2 Hannah Anderson—Reflection: Made in God’s Image

Chapter 3 Courtney Doctor—Child: Beloved by the Father

Chapter 4 Melissa Kruger—Saint: Redeemed by the Son

Chapter 5 Jasmine Holmes—Fruitful: Filled with the Holy Spirit

Chapter 6 Megan Hill—Member: Connected to the Church

Chapter 7 Trillia Newbell—Beautiful: Clothed in Splendor

Chapter 8 Betsy Childs Howard—Servant: Reaping a Reward

Chapter 9 Lindsey Carlson—Worshiper: Shining Brightly in the Darkness

Chapter 10 Jen Pollock Michel—Citizen: Longing for Home

Go read a bit more about the book here from one of the authors.