Ever see a story that makes baffles conservatives and liberals both at the same time?  Rosaria Champagne Butterfield’s story does exactly that.  An English professor at Syracuse University and outspoken lesbian, critical of conservative Christians and politicians, lost everything except her dog in her chaotic transformation into the wife of a conservative pastor and mother of four.  How could that ever happen?

Go read or listen to her story.  The homosexual community will be challenged to examine the foundations of their beliefs as they read how Rosaria began to seek intellectual and personal honesty.  Christians will be convicted about their lack of understanding and compassion toward their homosexual neighbors.

How did she find personal healing and the path to knowing God?  It came through a letter from a pastor in response to an article Rosaria wrote critiquing conservatives and Promise Keepers men’s rallies.  His letter was neither hateful (there were lots of those from Christians) nor fan mail.  It was full of love and intellectual challenge.  It led to a grace filled friendship with this pastor and his wife.  And it led her to God.

Go listen to an interview with her here.  Or go read a review of her book, Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert, here.