Of course we are commanded to humble ourselves before God and toward one another.  But does God humble Himself?  Well, then there’s Philippians 2, where it says Jesus humbled Himself by taking on human flesh and being born as a man.  Ok, got that.  But today I was awakened in my soul by Psalm 113 telling me that God humbles Himself.  Though I’ve read this numerous times in the past, I was caught off guard this morning reading this.  Look at it.

“Who is like the LORD our God, who is enthroned on high, who humbles Himself to behold the things that are in heaven and in the earth?”  Verses 5-6 show me a radical reality of the almighty, all-gracious God.  Though He is enthroned on high, above all, He lowers Himself in order to observe the things in heaven and earth.  That means He lowers Himself to see me and take notice of what’s going on with me.

He raises the poor, lifts up the needy, and blesses the barren woman.  He addresses my heart and my need today, whatever it is and does for me what my soul cries out for, “Help me!”  Verse 8 goes on to say what, exactly, He does.  He makes them sit among the “princes of His people.”  WHAT?  WHO, ME?  SIT AT THE TABLE WITH ROYALTY?  Yes!  I’m no longer what I was.  I’m no longer what I thought of myself as.

Praise God!  He is good to me