Here is some great news along with how to prepare your heart for worship at Koinos this Sunday.  The sermon text for you to read and pray through is Hebrews 3:7-4:3.  This Sunday we will finish off our series through the book of Hebrews and prepare to begin our next series through Galatians.  And we will have special guest preacher to do this for us.

Dr. Jeremy Kimble will preach for us this Sunday.  Please pray for him and welcome him and his family the way the loving Koinos family does so well.  Jeremy is a professor of theology and biblical studies at Cedarville University as well as an elder at his church in Cedarville, OH.  You may also get to meet his wife, Rachel, and children, Hannah and Jonathan.  Jeremy has also agreed to come to the teaching at our men’s winter retreat January 26-27, 2018.

This good news is brought on by even more good news.  I will be away from Koinos this Sunday to do the preaching at Huber Heights First Baptist Church as they celebrate their 60th anniversary as a gospel-preaching church.  They are the church that helped plant our church in Troy.  As I reflect on this, it makes me see how much we have to thank God for.  Koinos will soon celebrate our 20th anniversary.  God has poured out much grace on us for these years giving the gospel to the community we love.  We have also been able to partner with the Huber Heights First Baptist congregation and others to be involved in planting other churches in our state as well as in an unreached people group in another country.

There is truly much to be thankful for!  But the best is still yet to come.