There is a regular need I see in myself, my family, and other Christians – heart renewal that takes us past the simple and shallow to a deeper longing and more passionate worship of Jesus.  It is very common to just go through life daily without much worship going on in the heart at all and even read the Bible and pray without any feeling at all.  You know the feeling, right?

By His grace, God frequently breaks in only my life to address this need.  Today He did it in Mark chapter two in the story of the paralytic. 

In the story there’s an overcrowded house with people cramming together to see and listen to Jesus.  Then there are these four friends who are so concerned about their paralyzed friend and so convinced that Jesus will help him that they climb up and tear a hole in the roof so they can get their friend to Jesus.  And of course there’s the paralyzed man who gets healed two ways.  His body is healed so that he can walk and work again.  And his sins are forgiven by Jesus so that he is made one with God.

God stirred my heart to see in this text exactly what I need.  I need to be like all those people cramming themselves into that house to see and listen to Jesus.  He’s the Son of God!  He has the words of life!  What He says and does is more valuable than pockets full of gold and diamonds.  So I say to my heart, “Run to Jesus.  Long for Him. Listen to Him!”

He stirred my heart to see I need to be like the four friends.  Jesus listens to my prayers and He always answers them doing His great works.  Like them I need to get my needs in front of Jesus.  There are obstacles in the way.  So I must put effort into demanding the highest priority is done.  So I say to my heart, “Shove everything else (mainly busyness) aside.  It is keeping you from Jesus.  Get on your knees and bring your needs to Jesus.  He will listen to you.”

He stirred my heart to see I am like the man on the stretcher.  He was crippled in his limbs.  I am crippled in my will, my unbelief, my idolatries.  Jesus wasted no time in restoring that man.  So I say to my heart, “Cry out to Jesus for His renewal.  And thank Him that renewal is on the way right now.”

And as this takes place in my devotional time this morning, my heart is filled with the joy of Jesus.  There is renewed worship.  A stronger desire to see God glorified grows inside me so I begin praying all these things for my wife, children, church leaders, all our church.  So, go to God’s word and find the renewal of the Spirit stirring you.

May God break in on all our hearts taking us deeper.