Jeni and I would like to share with you what we are reading with our children this summer. We hope God will give you encouragement to read with your kids and encourage them to grow in knowing and worshiping God this summer. It’s easy for the summer to be just a wasteland of tv and video games so DON’T WASTE YOUR SUMMER!! Tonight we started the book Jeni found especially for our two boys, 14 & 12. Gods At War by Kyle Idleman (also author of Not A Fan) aims at defeating the idols that battle for your heart such as food, sex, entertainment, money, romance, family, me. After Jeni read the introduction aloud for us all, both boys looked at us with eyes wide open and said, “We need to read this book!” Thank you, Jeni, for being a faithful wife and mom and for thinking of getting this book for our family. With our youngest, our 9 year old daughter, we will continue listening to her read aloud The LIttle Pilgrim’s Progress. She’s really loving it, thanks to Mrs. Gessaman’s third grade class at Troy Christian School. We think all children ages 5-13 will enjoy it alot and the younger ones will love it if you read it to them aloud! Adults, please remember the excellent books currently recommended by Byron Welsh through our resource center which you can read more about here, Galatians for You by Tim Keller, Ten Questions to Diagnose your Spiritual Health by Donald Whitney, Spiritual Depression by D. Martin Lloyd-Jones.