Thousands of people have been affected by Hurricane Harvey, the strongest to hit Texas in half a century or longer.  Christians everywhere should be praying for our neighbors in the Lone Star State.  You gotta love those Texans!  And we do, especially now in light of this devastation.

Lots of people are asking how they can help.  Here’s how.

Go here to give online.  This is a 100% trusted organization, Southern Baptist Disaster Relief organization, part of the North American Mission Board.

They request that we not send purchased items at this time.  They have massive purchasing capabilities and literally send trailer truck loads of supplies by the dozens.  Send cash!  They will turn it into a massive relief effort.  When you see on the news the Red Cross units at work you can know that the disaster relief teams that you fund are working behind the scenes right there with them.

Wally Leyerle, the director on the ground in Texas, reported that 3,000 to 4,000 relief workers have been standing ready across the country waiting for the go ahead to get to work.  Teams have already been coming in from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Mississippi, as well as from the safe areas of Texas.  Soon more teams will role in from Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Florida and other states.

“We’ve pledged to help Texans recover from the aftermath of the hurricane,” Leyerle added. “Feeding and recovery units stand ready to help prepare meals, remove fallen tree limbs, clear roadways and tarp homes. Other units are poised to provide showers for survivors and volunteers, purify water, assess needs of homeowners, and even provide childcare.”

Go here to read the rest of the article from Baptist press.  I will give more updates here on the relief progress.  Please share this information with others.

I would also add that this is a very good reason to give tithes and offerings regularly through our church.  Not just during a disaster but all throughout the year our church funds each month the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Teams.  This enables massive stockpiles of supplies to stand ready for use when they are needed.