This summer our Sunday teaching series will be through the book of Hebrews.  This is going to be a fantastic study to help all of us take more steps of growth toward maturity as disciples of Jesus.  Growth in discipleship doesn’t happen without intentional effort.  Some of the themes you will see in this epistle are “pay much closer attention” (2:1), “encourage one another day after day” (3:13), “be diligent” (4:11), “press on to maturity” (6:1), don’t be “sluggish” (6:12), “stimulate one another” (10:24).  Growing as Jesus’ disciple will require effort from us.  He demands that of us.  He deserves that from us.  And He rewards us for it.

So let’s pursue discipleship together as the body of Christ.  DON’T go on vacation from God and church this summer!  There are many ways you may choose but here are some basic steps of growth the leaders of Koinos encourage you to take this summer.

Grow in the word privately:

  1. Scripture reading commitment – commit to reading 4 or more times per week.
  2. Scripture memory (choose at least one Fighter Verse per month, in Hebrews)

—  2:18 on temptation
—  4:12-13 on the power of God’s word
—  4:15-16 on temptation
—  11:6 on living by faith
—  12:1 (add v.2-3) laying aside sin and hindrances
—  13:5 on contentment
—  13:6 on fear
—  13:20-21 on our confidence in grace

Grow in the word with others:

  1. Meet one-on-one or in a small group to talk about your growth
  2. Take a Next Steps class

— First semester June 4-July 9
— Second semester July 23-Aug 27

Grow in living the mission of the word:

  1. Host your GRACE friend in your home once each month.
  2. Serve at community outreach events (Strawberry Festival, block party, VBS, etc.)