Our church is beginning a new teaching series through the book of Hebrews for the summer.  Its teaching will call us to stronger pursuit of discipleship as Christ followers.  My hope is that you will take significant steps to grow as a disciple this summer – DO NOT TAKE A BREAK FROM GOD THIS SUMMER!

You are being provided a number of helps from the Koinos church leaders to aid your growth.  Use all of them possible!  But first a take simple, honest assessment of where you are in your progress as a disciple of Jesus.  Please assess yourself by simply answering “strong” or “weak” on the items below (these lists are not exhaustive, of course).  Make a plan to grow in the areas where you are weak and ask a friend to meet up weekly and work on it together.

Strong or Weak in the word of God:

£            £   Regularly reading God’s word privately.

£            £   Regularly worshipping as you read the word privately.

£            £   Understanding and being helped by the word to your own life.

£            £   Memorizing and meditating on the word.

£            £   Reading and praying together as a family.

Strong or Weak in living out the mission of the word of God:

£            £   Regularly meeting with a GRACE friend to lead them to Jesus.

£            £   Regularly meeting with a friend to help each other grow.

£            £   Serving with the church body to take the gospel to our community.

£            £   Serving others on a team within the church body.

£            £   Giving regular tithes and offerings to support your church’s ministry.