Here is more helpful information in light of this Sunday’s message on restoration through forgiveness in Matthew 18. Confession must come before forgiveness and restoration can happen. The following is from Ken Sande’s book The Peacemaker and will help you recognize and give biblical confession and forgiveness. You can download a fuller explanation of these here Seven A’s of Confession and Four Promises of Forgiveness.

The Seven A’s of Confession

1. Address Everyone Involved. The confession should reach as far as the offense.
2. Avoid if, but and maybe.
3. Admit Specifically
4. Acknowledge the Hurt
5. Accept the Consequences
6. Alter Your Behavior
7. Ask for Forgiveness (and Allow Time)

The Four Promises of Forgiveness

1. I will not dwell on this incident.
2. I will not bring up this incident again and use it against you.
3. I will not talk to others about this incident.
4. I will not let this incident stand between us or hinder our personal relationship.