I am amazed by the amount of God’s grace shown to all of us surrounding this changed policy and then repentance by the leaders of World Vision.  Their statement below makes it clear they have seen their error and have changed their minds.  Now, what should we do in response?

First, we should completely forgive them for their wrong decision and all the confusion and hurt they may have caused.  They have acknowledged that they were wrong and that they hurt people and have asked for our forgiveness.  SO WE SHOULD FORGIVE because Jesus forgave us and commands us to forgive (Matthew 6:14-15).

Second, we should not question their seriousness about repenting.  Trust God’s hand in this and believe what our brothers and sisters are saying.

Third, we should thank God for demonstrating His grace and the gospel in such a big way.  Here are some reasons and examples.

A huge, Christian, organization with the eyes of the world on it has chosen to humble itself and repent publically.  Wow.  How often to human beings do that?  And how often does the world see that kind of humility?

Christian leaders chose to obey Jesus’ instruction on how to confront someone when they are in sin by exercising Matthew 18:15-18.  How refreshing to see obedience to Jesus.

Christian leaders and non-leaders are speaking up publically to show their forgiveness and support of brothers and sisters who admit they were wrong.

The power and reality of the gospel is being put on display.  People sin.  Jesus forgives.  That means people can forgive and wrongs are made right.

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