There are lots of reasons I love the Koinos Church Family.  God has put tons of super-loving friends in this church.  This is what the Bible says the church is supposed to be.  And one specific reason I love our church is because the Koinos Family loves the people in our community and they love showing them the grace of God.

Last night at Trunk or Treat there was a huge outpouring of that grace in the form of lots and lots of candy, hotdogs, and genuine love.  It was excellent!  More than 80 Koinos servants knocked a homerun serving over 700 people from our community.  And you could see the Koinos helium balloons bobbing up and down all around town.

We were blessed to be able to put smiles on the faces of nearly 500 children.  And there were numerous conversations with moms and dads who just truly needed to hear that Jesus loves them.  Our church welcomes and loves people no matter what our differences are regardless of likes or dislikes, hang-ups or hang-overs, the past or the future.  God cares about people, period.  And so do we.  There’s no greater joy than to have the love of Jesus inside us and to be able to share it with people around us.

Thank you, Troy for being a great hometown and thank you Koinos Church for being a Jesus-filled, love-filled church!  The best is yet to come!