The current pastors of Koinos have prayed for God to supply the body with more pastors who will join them in shepherding the body and making disciples.  The Koinos members have been asked to joined in that prayerful search to discern who those are within the church that may be gifted and called to serve as pastors.

It is very encouraging to see God raise up young men with the desire and gifts to be pastors.  This Sunday morning the names of three will be announced for the church’s consideration.  It is requested that every Koinos member do their part in this process in the following ways.

The Koinos pastors have engaged for a long period of time listening to, watching, mentoring, and assessing these three men.  The Bible gives us clear instructions as to how possible candidates should be evaluated.  They must be good examples, meeting the qualifications for elders found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-16 (listed below).  They must be growing, humble, servant-hearted followers of Jesus committed fully to caring for the church.  Only those who are good examples in these things should be considered to serve as the church’s pastors.

All three of these men have been engaged in faithful ministry to the church for ten to fifteen years.  This has provided ample time for many to see their gifts at work as well as the example of how they live and their calling from God to be a pastor.  So it is not only the current pastors who should do the evaluation.  All church members should add their assessment as well.

Following this Sunday’s announcement there will be a period of four weeks set aside for the church to pray and seek God’s wisdom in the approval process.  During those four weeks church members should consider how each candidate meets the qualifications listed in the Bible.  If there is any way in which a church member knowss that a candidate does not meet the qualifications that member should make their concern known to the Koinos pastors promptly.  If there are no objections to these candidates voiced by the membership, at the end of the four-week period, the church will conduct a vote to affirm the candidates.

Once candidates are affirmed by the membership they will begin serving the church along with the current Koinos pastors.  As they do this they will need your regular prayers and help in caring for the body and making disciples.  We should also continue praying and working to see more pastors raised up within the body.  And most of all we should give God praise and thanksgiving for blessing the body with numerous members serving as pastors, deacons, LIFE Group leaders, teachers of children, leaders of teens, counselors, and servants ready to do anything they are asked.

Here are the qualifications for pastors listed in the Bible (1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:5-16).  Please read over these and the full context where they are found in Scripture in order to assess these candidates as well as those who might be considered in the future.  If you have any questions please speak with one of our pastors or your LIFE Group leader right away.

  • “he desires a noble task”
  • “above reproach”
  • “husband of one wife”
  • “sober-minded”
  • “self-controlled”
  • “respectable”
  • “hospitable”
  • “able to teach”
  • “not a drunkard”
  • “not violent but gentle”
  • “not quarrelsome”
  • “not a lover of money”
  • “manage his own household well”
  • “not…a recent convert”
  • “well thought of by outsiders”
  • “his children are believers…”
  • “must not be arrogant or quick-tempered”
  • “loving what is good”
  • “upright, holy, and disciplined”
  • “hold firm to the trustworthy word as taught”