LIFE Groups

LIFE Groups are an essential part of the Christian life at Koinos. They keep you connected with other people who are learning to understand and grow and live according to God’s Word, the Bible. LIFE Group is where you stay plugged in, where you receive and provide some of the essentials of life: acceptance, prayer, guidance, counsel, wisdom, love, support, encouragement, and fellowship. Each LIFE Group is made up of people like you and me, working together to reach our common goal of becoming more like Him. Become a part of a LIFE Group today!


Haddad Group

9 am, Led by Vic and Jennie Haddad

Koinos, West Wing Lobby

Contact Vic at: 937-657-6006


Welsh Group

4 pm, Led by Byron Welsh

Byron’s home, 2360 Cara Dr, Troy

Contact Byron at: 937-542-9155

Barfield Group

6 pm, Led by Terry & Angela Barfield

David & Annette Bair’s home, 2403 S Childrens Home Rd, Troy

Contact Terry at: 937-776-6208

Batty Group

6 pm, Led by Tom & Nikki Batty

Koinos, 2/3 yr old Preschool Room

Contact Tom at: 937-902-36493

Clinton Group

6 pm, Led by Eric & Jill Clinton

Jeff & Jana Helstad’s home, 1885 Cass-Sidney Rd, Casstown

Contact Eric at: 573-576-2445

Newman Group

6 pm, Led by Johnathan & Jeni Newman

Ron & Suzanne Brubaker’s home, 100 Jean Circle, Troy

Contact Johnathan at: 937-524-7210

Youth Group

6 pm, Led by Nathan & Erika Cargle

Koinos, Student Ministries Room

Contact Nathan at: 937-212-3505


Bertke Group

Tuesdays 7 pm, Led by Tyler & Meghan Bertke

Tyler & Meghan’s home, 2590 Broken Woods Dr, Troy, OH

Contact Tyler at: 937-681-0223

Kight Group

Wednesdays 5:45 pm, Led by Norm & Rita Kight

Norm & Rita’s home, 708 S Clay St, Troy

Contact Norm at: 937-440-8717

Wendel Group

Wednesdays 6 pm, Led by Matt & Jan Wendel

Matt & Jan’s home, 112 Crosby Rd, Covington

Contact Matt at: 937-916-9085

Munroe Group

Wednesdays 6:30 pm, Led by Mike & Micah Munroe

Cory & Tabitha Wendel’s home, 1001 Skylark Dr, Troy

Contact Mike at: 480-316-9644

Ladies Group

Wednesdays 6:15 pm, Led by Stacey Kinnison

Koinos, Student Ministries Room

Contact Stacey at: 937-308-8033

Filipiak Group

Wednesdays 6:30 pm, Led by Jim & Stephanie Filipiak

Matt & Elizabeth McAdams’ home, 1733 Hunter Ridge Dr, Troy

Contact Jim at: 937-974-5665

College Group

Wednesdays 9 pm, Led by Nathan Cargle

Koinos, Student Ministries Room

Contact Nathan at: 937-212-3505