Today at Koinos three names were announced as candidates for the church’s approval to serve as pastors.  Careful examination and discussion has taken place with these men to discern their readiness, calling, and qualifications compared to those listed in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-16.  The current pastors believe these men to be qualified to serve as pastors and have the desire to do so.  This approval must be shared in agreement with the entire church body.  So, the next four week period all Koinos members are asked to pray, seeking God’s wisdom in this very important decision.  During that time look closely at the biblical qualifications and this blog article for more specific instructions.  Please devote diligent prayer and attention to this so that at the end of this four week period the church body will be prepared to affirm or not affirm those called to serve in this way.

Here are the three candidates along with brief biographical information.  If you do not know these men well please seek out opportunities to meet and talk with them over the next four weeks.

Chris and Amy Early

Chris Early – Chris is the recently hired pastor of worship at Koinos.  He has served for the last fifteen years in the worship ministry of his former church, First Light Church of Vandalia, OH.  While there he was affirmed and ordained by the church to serve in the role of pastor.  During our search for a worship pastor the Koinos Pastors thoroughly interviewed both Chris as well as many who have served with him closely in ministry over the years.  The Koinos Pastors came to see that Chris is very exemplary as one who lives daily the qualifications for pastors found in Scripture.  Chris is married to Amy and they have three daughters, Selah, Aliyah, and Rinnah.  Together their most important work is faithfully discipling their own children, teaching them God’s word in family worship at home as well as ministering lovingly to their extended family members.





Bryan and DeAnna Barnes

Bryan Barnes – Bryan has been a church member at Koinos for approximately 10 years.  During that time we have seen Bryan and DeAnna be baptized and live as growing leaders and servants in numerous ways.  He has served on the worship team, led men’s Bible studies, led LIFE Groups, worked in various ways with our budget and finance teams.  Bryan has grown to be sound in biblical theology, being both a diligent student of God’s word as well as a gifted preacher of the word.  The Koinos Pastors have talked with Bryan a great length about his doctrine and the biblical qualifications for pastors.  He is a strong example living out these qualifications.  He and his wife have worked faithfully giving biblical counsel to many in the church body.  But beyond those things his most important ministry has been his faithfulness as a godly husband to his wife as they work together discipling their two boys in God’s word daily at home.  Their two boys are Connor and Killian.





Nathan and Erika Cargle

Nathan Cargle – Nathan has been a church member at Koinos for approximately 12 years.  During that time he has served very well as the Koinos minister of youth discipling our junior high and senior high students.  Together, he and Erika, his wife, have been a steady source of godly wisdom, instruction, and discipleship to our teens as well as to many others in the body.  Over these years Nathan has grown in depth as a student of the Scriptures and in his excellence as a teacher and counselor of the word.  After extensive time watching and learning from Nathan as well as discussing with him his theological beliefs and life as a believer, the Koinos Pastors have come to see Nathan as a faithful example living out the biblical qualifications for pastors.  His most faithful ministry of the word is to his own three boys, Luke, Reed, and Knox, as well as to his extended family members and his co-workers in his company located in Dayton.