As our next Mexico Mission team takes off tomorrow morning, the rest of us are reminded that we are needed to join them on our knees in prayer for those living there on the mountain.  The goal of this team is to meet with the town leaders and residents in order to get their approval and blessing to work there.  This seems like a simple task, right?  But actually is demonstrates the slow work of communicating across cultural and language barriers and the needed power of the gospel.

Jesus’ instruction comes to mind, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.  Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest” (Matthew 9:37-38).  So the harvest is waiting – souls are waiting.  And the workers are ready and willing.  Now the “send” part needs to happen!  So Jesus tells us we must “BESEECH” the Lord of the harvest to send them. 

“Beseech” means we are to beg the Lord to do this!  When we pray does it sound like begging?  Does it sound like pleading?  Do we sound as urgent about this as Jesus says we should?

The work is slow and tedious on the human scale.  Humans are slow.  Humans get things wrong, slow things down.  Humans get in the way.  But it’s not human beings who are doing the sending.  It’s the Lord of the harvest who is doing the sending and he is capable of all things, able to overcome all obstacles.

So beg the Lord of the harvest to overcome all obstacles that are in the way and get the workers who are ready and waiting onto the harvest field.  And as you beg for this also plead that as God does this, His power will be clearly seen by the towns people in such a way that they will be drawn to God to know Him and cry out to Him for His grace and healing in their own lives.

Plead with God to shake the mountain and draw people to Himself!