Today, God stirred my soul in my devotional reading and I needed it.  I hope it may stir your soul too.

When we are in the company of others we find ourselves easily talking about many things right, sports, fishing, business, buying a house.  But how often or hard do we find it to talk about spiritual matters like urging the lost friend to be saved, sharing about God’s promises that are sustaining you today, asking the Christian how his soul is progressing in desiring holiness.

We open our mouths and talk about many things.  And we close our mouths and refuse to talk about the most important things

Puritan Thomas Watson in his little book, Heaven Taken By Storm, said it this way,

“It is the fault of Christians, that they do not in company provoke themselves to good discourse: it is a sinful modesty; there is much visiting—but they do not give one another’s souls a visit. In worldly things their tongue is as the pen of a ready writer—but in matters of piety, it is as if their tongue did cleave to the roof of their mouth. As we must answer to God for idle words: so also for sinful silence.” 

I needed to hear this today and was stirred to action by it.  I would also encourage reading the rest of this little book for great help on how to find the desire to talk openly about spiritual things as well as the desire to do anything God says.  The book is about employing energy and strength in your pursuit of caring for your own soul.  A topic talked very little about these days.