God gave us a mission in this world to spread His grace to more and more people.  Christ’s great love for us has resulted in Him dying in our place to take away the guilt of our sins so we can have God’s joy and eternal life.  Every Christian desires to see that grace spread to others.

So I would like to help you think and live more that way, just as God is urging me to spread His grace to others more.  This is a very simple (and I hope not corny) way to help us be intentional in living God’s mission in daily life.  Think of spreading grace like this…

G – go spend time with your friend who needs grace.

R– respond to their needs (pray and more).

A – accept them into your family and friendships.

C – care enough to tell them the gospel when the door opens.

E – encourage them more every chance you get.

Who is God stirring you to go spread grace to?