Here’s a great new book from B&H Publishing that every parent with a teenager or college student should read along with their student.  Truth Matters, written by Andres Kostenberger, Darrell Bock, & Josh Chatraw is a must read for all believers today.  Here’s why.

Have you seen the movie, God’s Not Dead, about the college professor who destroys the faith of all Christian students in his class?  Some people think the movie is an exaggeration but, though I don’t know many college professors, I do know the point isn’t off-base.  There’s an actual college professor who does exactly this.  His name is Bart Ehrman, New Testament professor at the Universtiy of North Carolina.  But it’s worse.  Bart is a really nice guy; not rude and in your face.  And he grew up in church, went to Christian universities, identifies with Christian young people very well.  In his classroom and in many others, church kids will be confronted with skepticism they have never pondered and many will be blown off course in their faith.

So your kid’s not going to college just yet?  Well (brace yourself) your kids are already being confronted with these things RIGHT NOW in conversations with their friends at school (yes, even in Christian schools) and on social media.

Truth Matters was written to help both teens and adults think through the skeptical objections clearly.  The authors help us reason accurately from biblical truth and see the flaws in the presuppositions of the skeptic.  The outcome is a strong, personal faith as well as one ready to engage with a skeptical friend to guide them to biblical truth.  We each need this for our own good.  The people living around us need us to be prepared to help them as well.

So, parents, I hope you will get this book and read it this summer, along with your student.  Talk about it.  Ask each other the bazillion questions that come to mind as you read it.  Help each other think it through.  Don’t be afraid to discuss doubts and questions together. 

And encourage your student to go to the Sunday morning class at Koinos which will cover this book.

You can get the book on Amazon for $9 or at the class for $5.