It’s new year’s eve and I’m about to go out for a run. Next I’ll start preparing sauerkraut and black-eye peas for new year’s day dinner. Then I’ll go shoot the guns with my kids and watch a couple football games. Finally, my wife and I will go have dinner, talk about life together and God’s grace to us. But before all that my day began with meditation and memorization of scripture. The life of grace that God builds, He always builds upon the foundation of His word dwelling inside us.

Here’s my advice for everyone in our church. Devote yourself to reading and grasping all of God’s gospel message in all of the Bible. Several Bible reading plans are linked below. Pick one and get started. Fill yourself with God’s word. There are various plans to fit various approaches covering the entire Bible or parts of it.

Here’s a specific bit of advice. Focus heavily on grasping the Old Testament. The more you get it then the more you will get the New Testament, Jesus, and His gospel. And if you don’t read all of the Old Testament, then make certain that you read Genesis through 2 Chronicles. And if you cannot do that then at least be sure to read the first five books, Genesis through Deuteronomy. It is imperative for your growth that you grasp the full message of the gospel which you will only get as you see it through the lens of the Old Testament.

Bible reading plans – pick one and get started:

5-Day Bible Reading Plan – read through the Bible in one year, reading five days per week

Variety Plan – read the entire Bible, focusing on a different part of scripture each day of the week: epistles, the law, history, Psalms, poetry, prophecy, and gospels.

New Testament in One Year – read through the New Testament five days per week with the weekends left open for other reading.

Chart Your Own Course – read whatever you choose and keep track using this chart.

Chronological Reading Plan – read through the Bible according to the order the events occurred chronologically.

Two Readings Each Day – read through the Bible with a daily reading from the Old Testament and from the New Testament.

Four Readings Each Day – read through the Bible with daily readings from the Old Testament, the book of Psalms, New Testament, and the book of Acts.

Simple Bible Overview – if you’re new to studying the Bible it’s easy to be intimidated. It may be very helpful for you to see this simple overview of the Bible in order to get your footing.