We prepare ourselves a lot when we’re about to do really important things like going to a wedding, going on a date, or throwing a birthday party.  On Sunday Christians will meet together in the presence of the almighty God who holds their life and breath in His hand.  Shouldn’t we all prepare ourselves for that?  Yes.  Here’s some help on how to do that.

Take the time to read over Hebrews 13 and think it through before Sunday worship.  God’s chosen sons and daughters, whom He loves, whom He is disciplining by taking them through suffering are given twelve commands in this text.  They are not told that since they’re going through hardships they can just focus on taking care of themselves and nobody else for awhile.  They are told to continue serving, even giving what they have to others while they suffer.  Is God too demanding by doing this?  Consider that question in light of God’s promises interwoven throughout the commands.  See if you can spot at least four promises.  See if you can connect the dots between each promise and the difficulty of the commands given.

Here’s how to prepare for communion from the apostle’s words in 1 Corinthians 11:17 and following.  Ask yourself, “Am I in a personal conflict with someone?”  Or, “Is there some division causing a conflict in our church?”  If so make it right by confessing to God any sin on your part and then go to the appropriate person and humbly seek their forgiveness.  “Let a person examine himself,” Paul wrote in verse twenty-eight.  Take note of the ways you have sinned against God and others.  Confess them to God and believe His forgiveness promised in the gospel.

Here’s how to prepare your children for communion.  First, consider if your child is genuinely converted.  In other words is he or she ready to be baptized or have they been baptized already?  If they are not yet born again tell them they should continue to wait, listen, and learn.  Then explain the gospel to them in terms of what the bread and cup symbolize.  Explain why Jesus had to die – it was because of their sins.  Guide them to see the seriousness of their sins and to believe Jesus’ death and resurrection are sufficient to rescue them from God’s punishment.

If you’d like more help on this, please leave a comment or ask your LIFE Group leader or one of our elders.  By God’s grace, I will see you on Sunday!