God gave us the Psalms as a medicine for our soul to point us to trust in Him.  We need to make it our regular practice to read and pray the words of Psalms for ourselves and others.  Today as I meditated on Psalm 31 and prayed it for myself and my family, beautiful things appeared, as normally happens when looking at God’s word.  Here are some thoughts on how this psalm works and how you can be drawn out of your plight and closer to God by it.

First read it through and mark in some unique way every statement that describes David’s plight.  I used the letter “A”.  Likely David’s situation was far worse than most of us.  People were threatening his life.  As you ponder these words they begin to unpack whatever heaviness is in our soul.  Here are five examples of what you’ll see.

v.1 put to shame

v.8 the hand of the enemy

v.9 I am in distress…my soul and my body also

v.10 my life is spent with sorrow

v.12 I have been forgotten

Next read it through and mark every statement about what God is or what He does.  I used the number “1”.  David was lifted out of great trouble by putting his mind on the great things that God is.  When we ponder and pray these things to God, the Spirit supernaturally gives strength and joy to our souls.  Here are five examples of what you will see.

v.2 a rock of refuge for me

v.2 a strong fortress to save me

v.14 You are my God

v.15 My times are in your hand

v.19 how abundant is your goodness…for those who fear you

Then read it through again and mark every statement of what action David takes.  I used the number “2”.  As David thought of all that God is and does, he took action and sought out God, praying to Him, pleading for Him to do things.  These words will guide you as to how you need to speak to God.  As you do, you will find the Holy Spirit helping you draw near to God and Him drawing near to you.  Here are five examples of what you will see.

v.1 In you, O Lord, do I take refuge

v.5 Into your hand I commit my spirit

v.14 I trust in you, O Lord

v.16 Make your face shine on your servant

v.24 Be strong, and let your heart take courage