Why would you sit for 6 hours on a Friday night in a Bible study at Secret Church?

Please meet Bart Ehrman, professor of religion at the University of North Carolina.  At first you’re so relieved to hear that your young college student will sit through their one required religion class with a very engaging and well liked prof.  He came from a strong youth group at an evangelical church after having an amazing “conversion” to Christ.  He’s no atheistic evolutionist.  “Whew!” you think, “this is going to be a good growing experience.”  But then you find out midway through the semester that your son or daughter is now questioning the truthfulness of the Bible, what it says about sexuality no longer applies today, the Bible has been changed over the centuries so much that we can no longer even know what it was originally intended to say.  What happened?

Many parents never even think that could happen to their child.  But they are wrong.  You see, Professor Bart Ehrman did grow up in a good youth group in a good church and did experience some kind of “conversion.”  But now he is nowhere near a reliable Bible teacher.  Basically, he denies everything taught by Christianity – and he uses the Bible to deny it all.  He is very effective at dismantling the faith and his young students.

But this doesn’t happen to all students.  Those who have been well grounded in the Scriptures and understand how to think from a biblical worldview know false teaching when they hear it.  And they are equipped to handle it.  That’s what Secret Church is all about; teaching on the authority of God’s word.  So parents you should bring your student and make a plan to stay awake for the entire thing along with them.  Learn and grow deeper together.  It will last a lifetime!

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