With a movie so popular coming out, I want to give some pastoral encouragement to parents. There’s a lot of talk about the new Beauty and the Beast and the “homosexual moment” promised by its creators. See it? Don’t see it? Boycott it? Don’t boycott it? Which? Here’s my counsel on what parents SHOULD and SHOULD NOT do.

DO NOT take your children to see the movie without explaining all the Bible has to say about sexuality before and after what they’re about to see. Guide your children to think biblically about all things, especially sexuality. Emphasize that you and your children are just as guilty of sin as the acts they’ve seen on the screen and that everyone must repent and be saved equally by trusting in the gospel of Jesus.


DO NOT say “no” to the movie without explaining all the Bible has to say about sexuality and what everyone else will see at the movie. Don’t think for one minute that sheltering your children from seeing bad things is sufficient parenting! Don’t allow them to think you or they are less sinful than others because they don’t agree with the scenes in the movie. Guide them to grasp their own sinfulness and point them to faith in Jesus.


DO read and discuss the Bible with your children daily teaching them a biblical worldview of sexuality and explain what you like about the movie you’re about to see as well as what God calls sin. Then after the movie, discuss it again and listen to their questions and insights.


DO explain the scriptures clearly to your children and why you’ve chosen not to watch the movie. Help them embrace a posture of grace and truth toward the world full of sinful scenes that you’ll never be able to keep them from seeing. Christians are to pursue holiness in thought and deed while also loving our neighbors while being equally as sinful as they are. Pray and seek ways to help them find hope in Jesus as well.

This emphasizes the reality that parents need to cultivate Bible teaching and worship in the home on a daily basis. Parents, teach your children a gospel-centered approach to the world and their own lives. Bit by bit, day by day, God’s word explained to your children will do just this.

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