So on my last post I gave a list of examples in the Bible where God gave signs to His people and where people ask God to give them a sign.  There’s also a list of eye-opening observations in that post along with some warnings for us today when it comes to seeking signs from God.  Well, here’s a bit more.  Does God ever give signs today?

It’s obvious from my last post that my opinion, based on what I see in the Bible, is that we should not live our lives based on asking God for signs nor should we expect that signs from God is a normal, everyday occurrence.  However, it presses the question, “But wait, so are you saying God never does anything to help people find His will?”

There’s lots of angles on this and various perspectives.  If you have a different view on this topic, I’m not saying you should be condemned for it.  And I’d go farther.  There are some ways in which we see God giving a sort of signs very often.  Maybe not signs like, “Make the light turn green 5 times in a row” or “Spell my name in the clouds.”  But a different kind of sign.

For example, regularly I hear church attendees say something like, “Wow, how did you know I needed to hear that verse today?”  Or, “It seemed like God was speaking directly to me today in your sermon.”  Or, “I know God wants me to turn to him because today when I came to church, the guy’s testimony about addiction was just for me.”

So how do you explain things like that?  Sounds like God does give us signs frequently after all.  I am so thankful for God’s grace in this way!  The Bible is clear on this note that God sovereignly directs our path through the Holy Spirit’s calling, drawing, convicting (John 16:7-11, Rom 8:28-30).  He acts upon the lives of sinners to bring them to knowledge and faith in the gospel and repentance.  He also acts upon the lives of born again Christians to bring them to greater growth in Christ.

Whether these are called “signs” or not, they are evidence that God acts upon people’s lives to bring them to Himself.  Praise God for that truth!

Here’s a great example.  A recent Christian-made film has come out called The Drop Box about a South Korean Pastor, Jong-rak Lee, who makes a box where unwanted, handicapped babies can be dropped off.  A young, non-Christian, American writer, Brian Ivie, read the story in the LA Times and decided to make a documentary on it.  He traveled to South Korea and spent lots of time with Pastor Lee watching Christ’s love in action.  This brought Brian to Christ.

He said, “I became a Christian while making this movie…these kids with disabilities had crooked bodies, I have a crooked soul.”  God used this complex scenario to bring Brian to salvation in Christ.  So was this a sign from heaven to save Brian?  Sure it was.  This is the kind of thing God does millions of times, all the time around the world bringing the gospel into people’s lives through the witness of obedient Christians.

Go learn more about the movie here.