Today, my friend Dorsey posted this great news on Facebook:

This is a big day for me, by the grace of God I woke up today sober for the 111 th day in a row. Might not seem like much to anyone, but for me its the largest amount of days tied back to back that I’ve lived in 24 yrs. Thanks.

Dorsey is right.  God has given him a huge amount of grace – that’s he’s still alive, that he desires to be sober, that he’s trying to stay sober, that he is sober right now.  Only God can conquer the power of addiction and the deceitfulness of our sinful hearts.  And He doesn’t promise it and take it back without doing anything.  He actually does do something on our behalf.  It may seem like nothing or invisible actions by God but it’s real.

There are alot of people living daily in a pit of darkness thinking their pain will never go away.  But God is there and He’s not silent.  Believe that.  Trust Him.  No matter what you’re stuck in, porn, a drug, prescription meds, the fog of depression, you are not stuck forever and you are not alone.  I want to remind you of some good truths from Jesus that might lift you up today.

…if you are born again the Bible declares these things about you.

1. Even if you never get fully unstuck in this lifetime, you will be unstuck for eternity after this life.

2. God loves you exactly the same megaton amount when you’re stuck as when you’re unstuck.

3. Though you may feel utterly powerless now, God’s power really is inside you working toward your healing.

4. Though you may think you are useless to God in your present condition, Jesus’ name is being glorified because of you.

5. Today, Jesus is proving, through you, that Satan doesn’t have control over you now and forever.

6. Your future is better than you can possibly imagine.

Way to go Dorsey!  Keep trusting Jesus.