This Sunday in worship our church will be blessed to hear the gospel in Galatians chapter 3.  I hope you will take some time before worship to read and pray through the text on your own.  This will enable you to hear more of the words from the Holy Spirit.  God’s word is bearing much fruit in our church these days encouraging those weak in the faith, encouraging those strong in the faith, lifting up the weary, consoling those who suffer, giving boldness to reach the lost, stirring people to go to the nations, convicting of sin, motivating in holiness, and many more things.

It is my prayer that God’s word will do these things in your soul as well.  Just take a look at some of the things the Spirit gives us in this chapter.

v.1-6  Our salvation begins by faith alone and we are completed in sanctification by faith alone too.

v.10-14  No one will ever be made right with God by their works; not now, not in the Old Testament days, not in the future.  God doesn’t demand your performance to be right with Him.  He gives grace to make you right with Himself.

v.15-18  The law of Moses came 430 years after God promised to make people righteous by faith alone.  God’s approval has always been based on faith in His promise and it still is today.

v.19ff The purpose of the law is to address our transgressions according to the promises of God.  The law imprisons everyone under sin and becomes the guardian who brings us to Jesus to believe and be set free from sin.

v.25ff  Look what the gospel does for those who believe.  They are removed from the imprisonment of sin.  They begin understanding true human unity as created in the image of God equally.  Each believer possesses a new identity – heir of God’s promise.

As we worship, may these beautiful truths be brought home to your heart in rich ways that set you free from fear, guilt, and worry.  May they call you to hunger for leaving behind the old identity and for learning to live the new way in Christ.