God’s word is sufficient for everything we need in life and God wrote it to engage the whole person, soul and mind, including this doctrinal puzzle.  Actually it’s an allegory.  Take a look at Galatians 4:21-31 and put the puzzle together.  Think and pray it through as preparation of your heart for worship this Sunday.

After Paul has explained the importance of salvation by faith alone in the preceding chapters he seems determined to make sure the reader gets it clear.  He uses an allegory, or illustration, to explain it again.  The allegory he uses is the story of Abraham and his two sons, Ishmael and Isaac, born to two different mothers, Hagar and Sarah.  You can read the story in Genesis 16.

Reading through these verses is almost like putting a puzzle together in your mind.  Do it.  Take out pen and paper and recreate the allegory.  Let the puzzle take shape so that the gospel takes fuller shape for you.  What does this say to you about the importance of listening only to the gospel to shape your identity?  What does this say to you about who you are in Christ?

I hope this grows with grace in your heart making you full for worship this Sunday.