What is the source of my joy today?  Do I really need to be concerned about having a source of joy today?

Yes.  I need to be very concerned about having joy and where it’s going to come from today and every day! When I am without joy in my soul, I am in danger of many temptations, to run after some thread of satisfaciton anywhere I can find it.  So what is the source of my joy today?  It’s Psalm 112.

It says in verse one, “How blessed is the man who fears the LORD, who greatly delights in His commandments.”  “Blessed” is the Hebrew expression, “Oh, how happy”.  This is what my soul desires today and every day.  But it’s not what the world and my circumstances give me daily.  So how can it be?

It comes to the one who, “greatly delights in His commandments.”  I can know about God’s commands, agree with them, be convicted by them and yet not have the joy promised in them.  The key is in the words, “greatly delights”  When I treasure God’s words and delight in them, the Holy Spirit stirs my soul and places there a true joy.

That is what God is doing in my soul today and it’s what I long for every day.