Here’s another great book for those who realize their family is not the picture of perfection.  Dr. Russell Moore’s book will be both encouraging and a source of help to do things better by God’s grace.  And again, a huge “than you” to my wife, Jeni Newman, for contributing her book recommendations.

The Storm-Tossed Family: How the Cross Reshapes the Home by Russell Moore  (get the book here)

I wanted to read this book because I like Russell Moore, who heads the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, and I could so relate to the picture on the cover.  This book at 300+ pages took me a bit longer to get through, but it did not disappoint.  The difference between this book and the two listed previously is Gay Girl, Good God and Unveiling Grace are life stories with some vital biblical instruction included, and this book is mainly vital biblical instruction interspersed with some life stories.  Russell Moore, the father of 5 boys, is refreshingly transparent when it comes to his own family and leadership as a husband and father, and he is downright funny at times!  He says, “Family is…the source of life-giving blessing but also of excruciating terror, often at the same time.”  Young married, single parents, empty nesters alike will find this book to be so encouraging as Dr. Moore consistently points us back to the cross.  “Our families shape us.  We shape our families.  The cross should shape both.”  This book is available in the Koinos Resource Center.  I read the church’s copy but definitely want to purchase my own so I can read it again and underline and highlight this time!