It seems like there’s a growing number of our congregation who are taking time to read and pray over the text before the Sunday morning sermon rolls around.  And they’re talking about it with their mate and children.  I think that is awesome!  So here’s another one.

This Sunday, the sermon will come from Hebrews 11 – Jesus is Superior; Live By Faith In Him.  The next two Sundays will focus on the same chapter and on faith.  This Sunday the focus will be on what faith is and next Sunday on what it means to “live by” faith.

So take some time to ponder what this text teaches us on the meaning of faith.  It’s rich.  Also look at the many examples given.  Verse one gives the definition of faith.  Verse six says the only way to be pleasing to God is for one to live by faith.  Wow.  Ok.  Then we really need to get what faith really is as did all those examples.

Here’s another idea.  Once you digest the meaning of faith in verse one, next look at each example and consider how each one lived out the definition of faith.  Very insightful!

Now, let’s also start thinking about what we should do with this.  Faith is to be lived out, not just a definition written down in our notebook.  So try these ideas.

You are going to suffer, like it or not.  What does faith in Jesus tell you in your suffering?

Your children don’t yet know the faith.  Read this text to them and explain faith to them.

Your teenager will soon face a friend or co-worker or university professor who makes them feel like an idiot for believing the Bible.  So explain to them the difference between “blind faith” and faith based upon mountains of evidence.  And if you don’t know about the mountain of evidence then role up your sleeves and get busy finding it.  It’s about time you grow up a bit in the faith too along with your teen.

You’re likely facing something that is causing you frustration or sadness.  What does faith in Jesus tell you about that?