When the Church family meets together for worship, amazing things happen.  Some people are greatly encouraged reminded of how much they are loved.  Some rejoice recalling how much God has forgiven them of.  Some are stirred to hunger more for knowing God.  Spiritual battles are won.  Burdens are lifted.  Joy returns to joyless hearts.  Broken spirits are renewed.  Some are literally brought to tears realizing what Jesus did for them.

Do you want to go deeper in knowing Jesus?  I hope you do.  Here’s some help.  Take some time before worship this Sunday to read and pray through this week’s text, Ephesians 1:3-14.  Allow time for the Holy Spirit to counsel your soul with these beautiful truths of who you are now in Jesus.

Why is there so much focus on the idea of identity for believers?  These things were given to you by God to empower you to face the spiritual warfare spoken of at the end of Ephesians – the spiritual rulers and dark forces in heavenly realms seek to destroy you and the church.  But because of who you are now in Jesus the enemy’s efforts will be broken.

In this text there are seven declarations of the believer’s gospel identity.  Take some time to ponder the riches you have in these things.  Maybe read this with your mate, your whole family, or a friend and talk these things over.  Then share some insights later with your LIFE Group.

  1. Blessed with every spiritual blessing. (v.3)
  1. Chosen by God before creation. (v.4)
  1. Holy and blameless in God’s sight. (v.4)
  1. Adopted as God’s own child. (v.5)
  1. Redeemed and forgiven forever. (v.7)
  1. An heir of heaven’s riches. (v.11)
  1. Sealed by the Holy Spirit. (v.13)