This Sunday’s sermon will be from Matthew 18:12-18.

True Christianity is about loving each other enough to help restore messed up sinners. That includes graciously confronting someone when they are stuck in sin. YIKES!! That sounds HARD, right?

Likely lots of people have questions about this…should we really do this? …how do you do it without chasing the person away? …how do you do this without appearing “holier-than-thou”? …how will this ever work? In preparation for the sermon I’d really appreciate hearing your questions concerning this. It may be that I can intentionally give attention to some questions or post answers on the blog. So please be transparent and leave a comment with the questions you have about this. Or if you have a private question, send it via email.

By the way, God shows His grace in amazing ways and is restoring many messed up sinners. He is doing this miracle in MANY people’s lives! God is good!!