These words were spoken by Jesus while on the cross (Matt. 27:46, Mark 15:34).  They tell us about the suffering He endured from the Father’s wrath poured out on Him.  Today, Good Friday, we remember and worship Him because He took our place and our suffering, and that of every person who believes.  Look at the suffering described in Psalm 22.

He became a worm and not a man.  Scorned and despised.  Mocked – they made silly faces and wagged their heads at Him.  None cared to offer help.  Blood poured out like water.  Bones all out of joint.  Heart melted like wax and stopped beating.  Hands and feet pierced.  They stared, gloated, boasted in what they’d done to Him.  Like dogs, the mouth of a lion, the horns of a wild ox they crushed Him.

All that He did because we are the ones who have become a worm in our depraved sin.  We should be scorned and despised by Him.  We deserve mocking.  It’s our blood, bones, and heartbeat that should be taken from us.  We are the ones who should be crushed by the Father’s wrath.

But the Father chose to show mercy by sending Jesus to take the crushing for us.  The Son submitted perfectly and came.  In our place He stood taking all our blame.

All people everywhere should bow themselves before Him in humble confession and worship.  He is worthy of the worship of all the earth!