There is good news coming out of Toledo and the Ohio Supreme Court.  The order to end surgical abortions at Capital Care Clinic has been upheld by the court.  So the pessimistic feeling many Christians have that their pro-life prayers and efforts never make a difference must be banished.  Be assured – your efforts matter.  Read the story here.

Hard working pro-life activists, legislators, along with ordinary donors, voters, and phone-callers who supported them have succeeded at passing laws that closed the last remaining surgical abortion clinic in Toledo, Ohio.  That means the roughly 900 surgical abortions performed there annually will no longer happen at this facility.

Here’s more.  Abortion numbers are shrinking in Ohio:  2016 – 20,672 down from 2015 – 20,972, 2014 – 21,186, 2013 – 23,216, 2012 – 25,473, 2005 – 34,128.  Nineteen pro-life laws have been passed since 2011 to bring this about including half of Ohio’s abortion facilities closing since 2010.

This is encouraging news.  Your time serving and money donated to a pregnancy center such as Elizabeth’s New Life Center or Miami Valley Women’s Center makes a difference.  Your time helping elect solidly, pro-life legislators such as Nino Vitale, Kyle Koehler, and Candice Keller makes a difference.  Your demand for pro-life officials appointing judges who uphold the rule of law to protect the unborn makes a difference.  The sermons of pastors, lessons by Sunday School teachers, and biblical teaching by parents makes a difference.

When the church lives out the truth of the gospel regarding the protection of human life, a difference is made.  In the near future Americans will look back in horror and shame that they allowed abortion to happen under their noses just like conservative Christians were shamed by the fact that they once condoned or defended slavery and racism.

Please pay attention to what is going on around us.  Turn off the news and do your own homework to see the real impact that is being made.  Be thankful for the fact that 13,000 fewer babies will be aborted this year than a decade ago.  But DO NOT ACCEPT the reality where 20,000 babies still will be aborted in Ohio this year.  Your actions matter.  So find a way to live out biblical truth to do something.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Find the most pro-life candidate for Ohio Senator and Representative and work hard to get them elected.
  • Speak to your legislators in support of upcoming pro-life legislation.
  • Go serve at one of the many women’s clinics near-by.
  • Care for the lady you know who is in a crisis pregnancy situation.
  • Teach your children at home the biblical worldview of all human life.
  • Take in a foster child or adopt.