As we witness the seismic cultural shift happening right before our eyes we must remain aware that the issues involved are not first, or even second or third, political issues.  The issues of sexuality and morality are personal issues that affect people’s lives and eternal destinies because first and foremost these issues are God issues.  They are His.  We are God’s people and must pursue after knowing Him and His eternal plan to exalt His glory and must also pursue understanding our neighbors in order to better serve them.  Nowhere is this more needed than in understanding our LGBTQ neighbors so that we will be able to love them as Christ called us to do.

Here is a bit that will help you do just that.  Al Mohler, president of The Southern Baptist Seminary in Louisville, KY, wrote a recent article overviewing some of what is taking place in the cultural shift.  Recently the Revoice Conference was held in St. Louis, MO where a number of Christian leaders met to discuss the meaning of being Christian and being gay.  There are many important details related to this that believers everywhere need to be aware of including some names of the leaders and books involved in the movement but more importantly how the Gospel calls faithful Christians to uphold the unchanging truth of Scripture for the good of all people in a culture that has lost its way.

The article is entitled Torn Between Two Cultures? Revoice, LGBT Identity, and Biblical Christianity and may be read in its entirety at Al Mohler’s website.  You may also listen to this content in his daily podcast, The Briefing, by going to this link.

Let us not forget that the most important thing we do as followers of Jesus is not a political thing, not a culture thing, not a social thing.  It is a gospel thing; a thing that is deeply personal opening the eyes of people everywhere to the deep, deep love of God where all people from all backgrounds may find the lasting identity for which every soul is longing.  This is a work that only the church is capable of doing.  The more the church does this all-important work the more we will see people finding ultimate meaning in Jesus instead of in the continual slide into emptiness.