Here’s another book recommendation from my wife, Jeni Newman.  This is strongly recommended for those who have a family member or friend who is a Mormon or for those who don’t know much about Mormonism.

Unveiling Grace:  the Story of How We Found Our Way out of the Mormon Church   by Lynn Wilder  (get the book here)

I regularly visit and particularly the “A La Carte” link where Tim Challies lists top articles from the Internet as well as Kindle deals on Christian books.  Recently, Unveiling Grace was one of those Kindle deals.  It piqued my interest, so I purchased it and started reading it right away.  I had a hard time putting this one down and stayed up later than I should have reading this book!  It’s an incredible story of God opening the eyes of the blind, and it reminded me that God graciously rescues even those deeply entrenched in false teaching.  I learned a ton about Mormonism.  In the Appendix, Lynn includes a helpful chart contrasting Mormon teachings with the Bible’s.

I was a tad uncomfortable with her frequent reference to God as the “Dancer of Grace,” but only because I bear remnants of a strict Baptist upbringing which considers most dancing sinful.  Lynn ties it all together at the end, how God showed His grace to her in very specific ways and times over the course of her life, ultimately removing the veil over her heart to see Jesus for who He truly is, not the one the Mormon church says He is.

By the way, I did not realize until I got to the end of the book, but if you have seen the video circulating on Facebook, “Ex-Mormon gives most incredible testimony ever,” that is her son Micah, the first one in their family to be saved.