Well our team has been on the mountain in Mexico all week without communication capabilities.  But God has been in close communication with them non-stop!  Today, this message got out but we still don’t know how that happened.  Regardless of how it happened, here’s a summary of their update.

Everyone sounds to be healthy and in great spirits.  They have made many great connections with families living in the village.  The work on the furniture and rooms in the hotel has gone well and is ahead of schedule.  Good connections are being made with the principals of the middle school and primary school and some work on their internet connection has been done as well.

Things continue to move slowly as far as communicating the plan to the village leaders so that the village can officially vote to approve our teams working there.  But this doesn’t sound like a bad thing to our team members.  They are taking this as a good opportunity to build relationships with the leaders and be clear about how our teams might be able to work within the village.

They have received invitations to play basketball with a family and to go watch the junior high girls team practice basketball.  Another family invited them to come watch how they make chocolate and especially their hot chocolate.  The team will have a church worship time outdoors at the hotel and will welcome friends to join them if they wish.  Vic Haddad will be doing the story as they worship together tonight.

Don’t you wish you could be there with them?  We all eagerly await their full report when they return.  Continue praying for God’s grace to be spread to our new friends on the mountain and for many families to be filled with the joy of Jesus.  Pray also for God’s protection and safety as the team returns on Friday and Saturday.